ABC: who we are and why we do this? 
We live in the society divided into two uneven pieces. The minority own everything living a luxurious life of parasites who exploit people of labor. The majority produce everything but posses nothing. 
The system functions because people believe in the delusive values propagated by mass culture. The technological progress amplifies unobtrusive control that covers different aspects of our life. 
Nevertheless, there are always those who do not agree with the current state of affairs. To repress and intimidate them, authorities have created the system of the law enforcement. In fact, it is the tool of legitimate violence that a state uses to protect itself and to pursue interests of large capital. A state sentences those who rise up against injustice to terms in prison that are associated with the justice only by the will of state’s propagandists. 
Furthermore, the struggle against the system of oppression is held in prisons. Many convicted, alone or in groups, oppose the penitentiary system from the inside. 
The collective of the Anarchist Black Cross in Ukraine supports and helps repressed anarchists and social activists that share anarchist ideas. We aid those who are persecuted by law for their political activities and those who become anarchist during their term in prison. 
ABC provides information about detained, imprisoned, or assaulted anarchists. It organizes fundraising for law and moneyed assistance. Besides, we ensure proper medical aid to our comrades who were injured by police or other political enemies.  
In addition to direct support of arrested and prisoners, ABC organizes educational events that aim to propagate culture of activists security.
As anarchists, our collective rises up against vindicatory measures of capitalist-state system. ABC does not rely on other organizations or collectives. However, it functions by means of your support and solidarity to convicted activists. 
The struggle of those who are free inspires prisoners as much as their struggle inspires us to proceed. 
Prisons are for burning!